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Offered for sale is this 1926 Grebe Synchrophase Type MU-1 TRF Neutrodyne battery powered broadcast band receiver made by the A. H. Grebe Radio Company of the Richmond Hill community of New York City.  This classic radio chassis and refinished cabinet are in beautiful condition.  The Grebe Synchrophase is regarded as a sophisticated design, featuring a solid mahogany cabinet and Bakelite front panel.  The serial number, DDRP, is handwritten on the operator's instruction card on the inside of the radio lid and is also engraved on the inside of the front panel.  The aforementioned model was regarded as the best performing TRF battery set made in the 1920's and is highly sought after by vintage radio collectors.  The circuit design is a Neutrodyne circuit using capacitive feedback in the RF amplifiers to prevent oscillations.  In addition, the radio incorporates uniquely-designed RF coils to further reduce the tendency to oscillate.  This circuit requires five 01A tubes (not included) and an external speaker.  The radio is untested and I have elected not to restore the electronics due to the pristine appearance and the fact that collectors all have their own ideas about how these radios should be restored (if at all).  PRICE: $395  Click on the CONTACTS tab and contact Scott Petty if you would like to own this beautiful radio.

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