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Vintage Knight Star Roamer Communications Receiver

The Knight-Kit Star Roamer Radio is a four-tube super-heterodyne receiver that was manufactured by Allied Radio Corp. in the 1960's. It features a circuit that is similar to many AC-DC radios, but it does have a power transformer which provides a degree of safety for a communications receiver with a metal cabinet. The kit originally sold for $39.95 and took about 20 hours to build. The receiver's low tube count is courtesy of a selenium rectifier and solid-state diode detector. The radio does receive CW, but without a BFO.

The Star Roamer tunes long wave (200-400 kHz); medium wave (550-1800 kHz); and shortwave (1.8 through 30 mHz in three bands). Automatic volume control (AVC) and automatic noise limiter (ANL) are controlled by knobs on the front panel. Other features include: Illuminated slide-rule dial, S-meter, bandspread control, and headphone jack. There is a code/normal switch on the back that allows the unit to be used as a practic3e code oscillator with a telegraph key connected to the specified terminals on the rear.

The radio has been recapped and switches cleaned and lubed. Tubes and resistors checked and replaced if necessary. The tuning dial has been re-strung. The radio receives stations on all bands, but a long-wire antenna must be connected for SW reception. An electronic copy of the construction and operator's manual will be propvided to the purchase via email.

Price: $65, Contact Scott Petty, rspetty@pettysfinefoods.com


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