Heartland Antique Radio Association

Summer Sizzler 2006 Results

June 3


The annual HLARA Summer Sizzler swapmeet, contest and auction was held on Saturday June 3rd. 

With great weather, and a fabulous new facility, it was a successful event with over 75 attendees from 4 states.  We had 9 new members join at the event.

Contest results can be found below.  David Cox won Best of Show for his GE S-22 Tombstone.  Doris Anderson won the Peoples Choice for her Grebe Synchrophase.  Eric Coon won Best Restoration for his RCA TT-5.

Crystal Sets
        1.      Jason Rogers           Spencer
        2.      Chris Cunningham       New homebrew
Regenerative  Sets
        1.      Kerry Holcomb          Radiola RC
        2.      Kerry Holcomb          Radiola 3-A
        3.      Doris Anderson         Crosley Pup
Multi-Dial Cascade Tuning Sets
        1.      Doris Anderson         Grebe Synchrophase (Peoples Choice)
        2.      Glen & Mary Mears      Aerodyn Special
Pre 1930 Electric Sets
        1.      Robert Shindhelm       Radiola 60 Display
Cathedral Sets
        1.      David Cox              General Model R
        2.      Wes Eaton              Philco  60
Tombstone Sets
        1.      David Cox              GE S-22 (Best in Show)
        2.      Robert Shindhelm       Zenith 6S27
        3.      William Thomas         Zenith 5R226
Horizontal Wood Table Sets
        1.      Dan Weilacher          Kent
        2.      William Thomas         Zenith 6D116
        3.      Weldon Thorp           Delco
        1.      Curt Lutz              Stromberg Carlson Model 55
        2.      Dan Weilacher          Zenith 6S152
        3.      Curt Lutz              Westinghouse WR-12
Boat Anchors
        1.      Chris Cunningham       Hallicrafters S-38
        2.      Curt Lutz              Gibson Girl
        1.      William Thomas         Heathkit Mohican GC-1A
        2.      Dan Weilacher          Zenith Sailboat 6G601
Bakelite/Plastic Sets
        1.      Dan Weilacher          Zenith H664 Radio/Phono
        2.      Bob Shindhelm          Howard 901A
        3.      Gary Milner            Stewart Warner 03-5BC
Deco Sets
        1.      Curt Lutz              Thomas Repro 1934 Spartan Bluebird
Novelty Sets
        1.      Jason Rodgers          Little Orphan Annie
        2.      Glen & Mary Mears      Pilgrim Electric Toy Mic  
        3.      Glen & Mary Mears      Trutone Circus Wagon   
Transistor Sets
        1.      Glen & Mary Mears      Realtone TR1826
        2.      Doris Anderson         Radio Shack Liberty    
Open Category Sets
        1.      Eric Coon              RCA TT-5 TV (Best Restoration)   
        2.      Curt Lutz              Philco Dial Remote        
Test Equipment
        1.      Glen & Mary Mears      Weston 566
        2.      Glen & Mary Mears      Hoyt Volt-Amp Meter    
        3.      Curt Lutz              Weston DC voltmeter 25
        1.      Curt Lutz              1927 Pathe Cone Speaker
        2.      Curt Lutz              Atwater Kent Horn
        3.      Weldon Thorp           Philco Farm Radio Speaker
Other Accessory Items 
        1.      Doris Anderson         Mic, Tube, Key Display
Best Restoration
               Eric Coon              RCA TT-5
Best in Show
               David Cox              GE S-55 Tombstone
The Peoples Choice
               Doris Anderson         Grebe Synchrophase


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