Heartland Antique Radio Association

2008 Summer Sizzer


This years Summer Sizzler was a great success.  Even with the high price of gas we still has several out of state visitors.  We had over 100 attendees and contest radios in every category.  Congratulations to everyone who won ribbons.  Thank You to everyone for your help in putting on this event.  It was a great success!


Best Restoration
Al Stevens 1938 Zenith 5S327

Best in Show
Scott Petty 1950 RCA 8TC-271 Television

People’s Choice
Deb Riley 1932 Philco Mod 71
Crystal Sets
1. Andy Anderson 1938 Homebrew

Multi-dial Cascade Tuning Sets
1. Bob Shindhelm 1923 Arborphone
2. Andy Anderson 1922 Atwater Kent

Tombstone Sets
1. Al Stevens 1938 Zenith 5S327
2. Curt Lutz 1936 Atwater Kent
3. John Anderson 1936 RCA T-6-1

Horizontal Wood Table Sets
1. Dan Weilacher 1939 True Tone D-723
2. Eric Doss 1938 RCA 98T2

Cathedral Sets
1. Deb Riley 1932 Philco Mod 71

Pre 1930 Electric
1. Weldon Thorpe 1930 Atwater Kent Mod 42

1. Eric Doss 1930 Spartan Mod 610

1. John Anderson 1947 Zenith 6G001Y

Bakelite/Plastic Sets
1. John Anderson 1949 RCA 6X8
2. Scott Petty 1957 Knight Kit Ranger II
3. Scott Petty 1950 Philco 50-925

Deco Sets
1. Al Stevens 1938 Emerson CV-295

Novelty Sets
1. Curt Lutz 1939 Snow White Repro

Transistor Sets
1. Al Stevens 1981 Zenith Transoceanic R-7000-2
2. Chris Cunningham 1969 Hitachi Portable Reel to Reel Set

1. Bob Shindhelm Magnavox 1920 R3-D

Test Equipment
1. Scott Petty 1951 US Army I-177-B Tube Tester
2. Curt Lutz 1958 SG-103 Military Signal Generator

Regenerative Sets
1. Curt Lutz 1923 RCA Radiola IV
2. Curt Lutz 1922 Westinghouse RA / DA

1. Scott Petty 1950 RCA 8TC-271

1. John Anderson 1948 Stewart Warner Porta-Bar

Vacuum Tube
1. Andy Anderson 1923-1940 Tube Collection Display

HLARA Scholarship Recipients
   Robby Cunningham-Medical
   Nikki McKillip-Architecture


Radio Daze

1170 KFAQ  Joe Riddle and The Humana Radio Theater

Express Graphics

Petty's Fine Foods in Utica Square