The Heartland Antique Radio Association, Inc.


Presentation History   At each monthly meeting one of our members or a guest makes a presentation on a topic of interest.  Click on Old Presentations to view a list of previous presentations. Old Presentations

HLARA Library   Items in the HLARA Library may be checked out by members at a monthly meeting. They should be returned the following month. Library

RADIOGRAM is the HLARA newsletter sent by email to all members.  Although intended to be a quarterly publication, this has not always been possible.  Older editions are listed below.

Radiogram 2006

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Radiogram 2008-1 

Radiogram 2011-1   Radiogram 2011-2   Radiogram 2011-3


SIZZLER RESULTS (Pictures are in the photo galery)

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Andy Anderson  Gene Dixon  John Anderson 


Tulsa World Article about Andy Anderson, 8-3-2005


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