The Heartland Antique Radio Association, Inc.

HLARA Library

These items may be checked out at meetings

Description Media
Atwater Kent Repair Manuals CD
Beginners Guide to Radio, 28 lessons, 1966 CD
Beitman's, Riders, Dial String Reference CD
Cabinet Making, History and Art of Cabinetry, 30 files CD
German/Austrian Radio Schematics, 1925-1950 CD
Handcraft - Radio Cabinet (Construction) CD
How to Make a Wireless Set (1911) CD
Make Money Fixing Radios - NRI (35 PDF Files) CD
Mallory Encyclopedia, Condenser Manual CD
NRI Radio Training Course (99 PDF Files) CD
Philco Service, 1952 CD
Practical Antenna Handbook, Joseph Carr CD
Radio Retailing Tricks of the Trade, 1937 CD
Rider Manuals, Volume 1-23 with Index CD
Sylvania: Servicing with a Voltmeter, 1952 CD
Sylvania: tube sutstitution, characteristics CD
Vacuum Tube Valley (20 volumes) CD
Zenith Service Manuals, 1931-1955 CD
Divine Discontent, Charles Proteus Steinmetz DVD
Radio Days; Mia Farrow, Julia Kavner DVD
Repairing and Using Vintage Tube-Type Radios, Doug Criner Book
QST Amateur Radio, September 1928 Book