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Date Topic By
5/16/24 Stromberg-Carlson Gene Vickery
4/18/24 Amelia Earhart and her Radios Bradley Cobb
3/21/24 The Vernona Decrypts Randy Beeson
2/15/24 FADA history, also Radio Plastics Mary Murray
1/18/24 Philco 20 Restoration - Part 1, Practically Fixed Youtube Video
11/16/23 The Titanic Scott Petty
10/19/23 Cabinet Refinishing - Dashner Design Youtube Video
9/21/23 RCA 45 rpm records and record changers Gene Vickery
8/17/23 Crystal Radios Scott Petty
6/15/23 Future of AM car radio; Software Defined Radio videos
5/18/23 Crosley History Mary Murray
4/20/23 Finding the Fair Value of a Vintage Radio Dorothy Cady
3/16/23 History of Heathkit Earl Massoth
2/16/23 Speakers, how to repair them David Miller
1/19/23 His Master's Voice Mary Murray
11/17/22 Superheterodyne Radios Youtube Video
10/20/22 Zenith Transoceanic Bradley Cobb
9/15/22 History of GE Mary Murray
8/18/22 Hallicrafters: Radio Man's Radio Rick Larkin
7/21/22 WLW 500 KW Transmitter Scott Petty
6/16/22 WLW Supler-Power Radio Receiver Scott Petty
5/19/22 favorite radios group
4/21/22 Radio Alignment demonstration Gene Vickery
3/17/22 2 videos: On The Air; Brief History of Radio video
2/17/2 History of Edison's Talking Machine Mary Murray
1/20/22 How to Read Antique Radio Schematics Youtube Video
11/18/21 Theory and Characteristics of Vacuum Tubes Earl Massoth
10/21/21 Batfish Submarine Wade Harris
9/16/21 Radio Caroline Rick Larkin
8/19/21 Reginald Fessenden Scott Petty
7/15/21 Signal Tracing - Part 2 (hands on demo) Vickery-Massoth
6/17/21 ABC's of Signal Tracers - Part 1 Earl Massoth
5/20/21 History of Radio and Television in Tulsa - A News Anchor's perspective Sam Jones
4/15/21 Tricks of the Trade (cabinet restoration) Jerome Thomas
3/19/21 Five short topics ES, EM, SP, GV
1/21/21 German Cryptanalysis in WW II Randy Beeson
11/19/20 Westinghouse Refrigerator Radio Restoration Scott Petty
10/15/20 Farm Radios Live Again Gene Vickery
9/17/20 Radio Safety Practices Scott Petty
8/20/20 Low Frequency Navigation Adrian Gilstrap
2/20/20 Capacitors - Part 1 Scott Petty
1/16/20 Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison video
11/21/19 Crystal Radios Scott Petty
10/17/19 Vintage Ham Radio Building Projects Eldon Loomis
9/19/19 History of RCA - NJARC video Alex Magoun
8/15/19 Radio-First Electronic Medium Randy Beeson
7/18/19 Amplifiers - How to build them Monty Smith
5/16/19 Reginald Fessenden - Pioneer of Radio Earl Massoth
4/18/19 Philco 46-1201 "Bing Crosby" Gene Vickery
3/21/19 Radio Restoration: Wood Cabinets Jerome Thomas
2/21/19 Empire of the Air - second half video
1/17/19 Empire of the Air - first half video
11/15/18 AM Radio Alignment Vickery - Loomis
10/18/18 History of Batteries Earl Massoth
9/20/18 Library Closed to Public  
8/16/18 Library Closed - no electricity  
7/19/18 Zenith Radio: History and Products Scott Petty
5/17/18 Tape and Wire Recorders Gene Vickery
4/19/18 Radio Collection Video Tour - notes by Petty Jerome Thomas
3/15/18 Repair and Restoration of Superhets Raymond Cady-OKVRC
2/15/18 Early Years Atwater Kent 1921-1923 Jim Sargent-VRPS
1/18/18 Charles Steinmetz - video Gene Vickery
11/16/17 Radio Safety Practices Scott Petty
10/19/17 Crystal Oscillators in WW II Gene Vickery
9/21/17 History of Broadcast Radio Earl Massoth
8/17/17 The Hopalong Cassidy Radio Randy Beeson
7/20/17 Farnsworth vs Sarnoff Scott Petty
5/18/17 Transistor Radio Repair Wayne McGinnis
4/20/17 RCA 45 record players Gene Vickery
3/16/17 Radio Power Supplies Curt Lutz
2/16/17 Capacitors Earl Massoth
1/19/17 Radio in Peace and War video
11/17.15 Bakelite & Plastic restoration Jerome Thomas
10/20/16 Reading Schematics Scott Petty
9/15/16 Alessandro Volta Gene Vickery
7/21/16 SMS Emden vs HMAS Sydney Randy Beeson
5/19/16 Transformers Gene Vickery
4/21/16 Marconi Scott Petty
3/17/16 Wood Refinishing Jerome Thomas
2/18/16 Spy Radios Earl Massoth
1/21/16 Westinghouse - Part 2 video
11/19/15 Westinghouse - Part 1 video
10/15/15 Early Zenith Radio Gene Vickery
9/17/15  Crystal Sets Scott Petty
8/20/15 Battle of Samar Island Randy Beeson
7/16/15 Harry Rassmussen - Radio Recollections (audio) Gene Vickery
5/21/15 Heinrich Hertz Scott Petty
4/23/15 Signal Tracing Curt Lutz
3/19/15 Radio Safety Scott Petty
2/19/15 Lo Power AM Transmitters Gene Vickery
1/29/15 Hallicrafters Gene Vickery
11/20/14 Nikola Tesla Scott Petty
10/16/14 Vacuum Tubes Gene Vickery
9/18/14 OP-20-G vs the UN - Part 2 Randy Beeson
8/21/14 OP-20-G vs the UN - Part 1 Randy Beeson
7/17/14 Ohms Law Curt Lutz
5/15/14 Philco Scott Petty
4/17/14 Radio Station Frequency Allocation (guest speaker) Troy Langham
3/21/14 Alignment Curt Lutz
2/20/14 Crystal Radios Andy Anderson
1/16/14 Radio Days - movie by Woody Allen video
11/21/13 Power Supplies Curt Lutz
10/17/13 Axis Sally Randy Beeson
9/19/13 Antennas Scott Haley
8/15/13 WLW Video Tour Gene Vickery
7/18/13 Oscilloscopes Curt Lutz
5/16/13 Edwin Armstrong Scott Petty
4/18/13 1920s Radios Bob Shindhelm
3/21/13 Speakers (guest speaker from Speakerworks) David Miller
2/21/13 Capacitors Gene Vickery
1/17/13 Empire of the Air video
11/15/12 Tube Testers Curt Lutz
10/18/12 Crystal Sets Chris Cunningham
9/20/12 Titanic Radio Room Scott Petty
8/16/12 Rider Channalyst Ted Coombes
7/19/12 Amateur Radio Scott Haley
4/19/12 Black Propaganda Randy Beeson
3/15/12 AM radio alignment Curt Lutz
2/16/12 Plastic/Bakelite radio refinishing Jerome Thomas
10/20/11 Basic Radio Circuitry Curt Lutz
9/15/11 Resources on the Internet Jerome Thomas
8/18/11 The ABCs of Safety Scott Petty
7/21/11 Radio Tales group discussion
5/19/11 Zenith History Dan Weilacher
3/17/11 Your Favorite Restoration Project group discussion
2/17/11 When Radio Was Young Joe Riddle
1/20/11 Wood Cabinet Restore/Refinish Jerome Thomas
9/16/10 Crystal Radios Chris Cunningham
8/19/10 Theremin: Music from the Ether Walt & Mary Murray
5/21/09 Vacuum tube audio amplifiers Gene Vickery
4/16/09 Shortwave Numbers Stations Chris Cunningham
3/19/09 Cabinet Refinishing Dan Weilacher
2/20/09 War in the Pacific Randy Beeson
1/15/09 Oklahoma Radio History Lutz / Vickery


There is a presentation at each monthly meeting on a radio related topic. Subjects have included cabinet and electronic restoration, test equipment, famous radio pioneers, radio performers, radio in warfare, and radio history.